Dragão a beira da praia...

The Sea Dragon - Illustration done for the flyer of Cidre & Dragon fantasy festival (Merville-Franceville, Lower Normandy, France)

my submission for the riot art contest. it was pretty fun working on this and i learned quite a bit (mostly zbrush stuff) hope you guys like it

Book 6 cover i did for Michael Ploof's "Whill of Agora" book series. Fun stuff painting dragons Whill of Agora - Champion of the Gods

Fotos de Jérémy Le Jé publicadas en Cliché Allégorique

Story idea: The power to create living tattoos. Just normal tattoos that can turn in to real creatures when called.

Planet dragons

Solar System Dragons - Rob Carlos Fantasy Ar<<<<< The Shooting stars are actually space dragons. The storm on jupiter is actually a dragon playing

The Sea Dragon - poster for "Cidre & Dragon" fantasy festival (Merville sur mer, Normandy, France)

"The dragon wasn't evil, he was misunderstood. He was scary but only on the outside"


Arte con dragones [ megapost ]

This has to be Gawain facing Myrthor at the edge of the world; the final battle. Facing each other by Brolken on deviantART - Dragon of the South

Got your back.

I love the idea that this dragon seems to be guard of the female warrior woman — Ciruelo Cabral