Gods, RICK RIORDAN, YOU TROLL! I hate you but I love you! I'm so conflicted right now.....

Yes Rick! I know it sounds bad but I love it when people die in Percy Jackson!

Toa is basically a solangelo fanfiction with some parts of the actual story incorporated

The sass of uncle rick is boundless.

The sass of uncle Rick is incredibly overwhelming. I think it's time to throw him INTO TARTARUS!

Would never happen but it made me laugh

This was too funny not to post! this must happen. Rick Riordan, hear me! Whoever made this hilarious prank up should be honored. Include this SOMEWHERE in your writing!<<<< I AGREE, PLEASE, UNCLE RICK! I laughed for too long at this!

// heroes of olympus

Leo is on fire. He's walking on fire. This girl is on fire.

The future of fangirling

Most popular name of Percy/ Annabeth/ Leo/ Grover/ Thalia/ Calypso/Nico Di Angelo.<<<<<anyone who names their child Nico di Angelo is my hero