The Most Accurate Thing I Have Read Today

Being alone and being lonely are two completely different things. I would rather be alone than lonely.

INFP | One moment you're trying to help the world become a better place, the next you want to disappear from everyone and everything

ENFP- that's why we're called the extroverted introvert or the introverted extrovert<--This explains SO much of my life oh my goshhhhh!

TOO accurate...I like people, (sometimes) but I usually prefer to do things alone....

No one should feel lonely. It's okay to be alone (a lot of the time we need it) but never okay to feel lonely.

This insulting introduction. | 25 Pictures Only Adults Who Live With Their Parents Will Understand

This insulting introduction.

19 Painfully Accurate Pictures Every Indian Will Instantly Recognise

Pretty spot on accurate

This is dumb. Maybe he looked so he could tell the girl that she was indeed prettier than her friend. Or maybe it was just reflex to look if someone is standing right behind you. This girl is not fair to this poor boy at all.

Tumblr Schmumblr Part 27 - Imgur

Tumblr Schmumblr Part 27

Wow this is so me and perfectly described. I'm so glad someone was able to put into words what I couldnt. I honestly hate wet anger, I get that a lot

That feeling comes WAY too much

And on the flip side I also LOVE when you're in a terrible mood and then one little thing completely flips it around and puts you in the greatest mood

This is from a girls perspective but it's still accurate for me XD

INTPs and Social Situations

Lol true

Introverts are taught from an early age that there is something wrong with us. These words can play like a tape in our heads unless we replace them with more accurate messages. Introverts are powerful people.

The fact that somebody starts the conversation doesn't automatically mean they don't have any ulterior motives. Sometimes they are just curious about you and want you to reveal something about yourself that they can use against you at some point (they can be your rivals but pretend to be your friends). I have learned that. Not everybody who smiles is your friend or can be trusted.

Submission document

Social anxiety is not balanced This is so TRUE! I always worry about bothering people.

INTJ - INTP. Accurate. Since I'm INTJ and my husband is INTP, I can definitely recommend this match. :)

Intp- What I like about this is because in the best relationships are Entp and Intj, and those are my siblings. Aaand, my mother is an Esfp.

This is actually perfect. Are you homeless? No. Are you starving to death (literally)? No. Are you dying of some horrible disease? No. Then shaddap. Some people are all of those things at once.

We All Know This Is Exactly How It Goes