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Fun I SPY Wedding Reception Game maybe with disposable cameras at the tables Cute idea to get all guests involved with making your day that much more special

invites - lego! 'nuff said.

Lego themed wedding invitation would surely make your guests happy. It guarantees playfulness and fun element. Check out how small details can elevate the overall look of lego wedding theme.

27 Nerdtastic Wedding Ideas You'll Majorly Geek Out Over

27 Nerdtastic Wedding Ideas You'll Majorly Geek Out Over (I like the idea that people can play games while at the table)

50 Little Details That'll Take Your Wedding to the Next Level

You won’t be the only one crying at your wedding; don’t forget about your guests’ tears of joy, too. A box of delicately embroidered colorful hankies adds a quirky and charming element to your wedding — one that your guests will certainly appreciate.

Cute idea

'In case your feet are tired and sore grab a pair and dance some more' spare flip flops for dancing wedding guests! I love this cute wedding touch to help make your guests a bit more comfortable and enjoy the wedding more!

Roll for it: Make guests work to get you to kiss

Whether you're hosting a nerdy wedding or a board game party, spruce the room up with these classy but geeky Settlers of Catan centerpieces.

15 Photo Booth Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception

[tps_header] Nothing breaks the ice at a wedding quite like a photo booth. It’s especially great to treat guests to a photo booth when it’s a formal occasion.