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Tattoo American horror story

An image of the character Tate Langdon from American Horror Story wearing skeletal looking make-up.

Daughter of the Moon

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I love the whistle song that plays when Tate is walking down the hallway..makes it creepy

American Horror Story Season 1 - (Murder House) Guide

Hey I'm Evan I love to act and I don't have any friends like at all.intro I guess?

17 Reasons Evan Peters Dominates Your Darkest Fantasies

Evan Peters as Kyle Spencer for American Horror Story Coven Hood Marks I'm in love. I still love Dylan o brien better though U NEED TO WATCH

Holy crap I thought no one understood my pain

When tate cries I sob in the corner. lik for real every time tate cried i did too

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Evan Peters / Tate Langdon / American Horror Story damnit why was he so adorable