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Gorgeous Black panther

This panther has the most beautiful coat I've ever seen. I saw a black panther like this one at Big Cat Rescue in Florida.

[Hermosa pantera negra - Las panteras negras pueden adaptarse a cualquier condición climática y sobrevivir al ambiente frío y al caliente. Esta es la razón por la que han sido capaces de sobrevivir incluso después de haber sido puestas en peligro por la destrucción de sus hábitats debido a la deforestación y la caza extrema.]

Those eyes beautiful black panther. Fun fact: Black panthers can adapt to any climatic condition and survive both cold and warm environment. This is the reason why they have been able to survive even after the endangerment of their habitats by rapid defo


Panther, actually a Black Leopard. If you look at the coat in sunlight, you can see faint spots.

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Lions and Lionesses are filled with Love & Might and represent everything a true King and Queen should be!

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Black on Black! by Sue Demetriou Another capture of Athena the black Jaguar – however this time I wanted to do her completely on a black background; a challenge! Still don’t know if I have it right as didn’t have a flash gun and lets face it, I.

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earthsfinest: “ (via “Bhutase Marana” by Manuela Kulpa) A black panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat. Wild black panthers in Latin America are black.