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This is Whitney. She has pure snow hair and the same matching eyes. She is quiet and shy who doesn't really like talking to people. She is the daughter of Zeus

She seems a lot like someone I know and I'd say she looks as pretty as her actually a lot more.

Anime picture original stayblack ashley rosemarry kopianget single tall image blush short hair looking at viewer highres black hair smile fringe red hair signed black eyes head tilt upper body two-tone hair blurry 513655 en


oshino shinobu (bakemonogatari and monogatari (series)) drawn by makimura shunsuke - Danbooru

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baseball cap brown eyes brown hair casual full body halftone halftone background hand on headwear hat heart heart print highres indian style matsuryuu misaka mikoto ponytail shoes shorts sitting smile sneakers solo to aru kagaku no railgun to aru maj

RWBY_ Can anyone tell me about what this stands for and about the story/characters/is it a manga?

☺ Pyrrha sits on a bench overlooking the Vale beach, she smiles as the autumn breeze rolls in, watching sunset

Imagem de anime, anime girl, and art

Imagem de anime, anime girl, and art "I really like how this picture draws in the audience with her body expression and eyes.

RWBY, RubyRose

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Ruby and Wiess snow man

いえすぱ on

Rwby Santa Claus Ruby Rose snowman weiss schnee and zwei