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Medieval knight Templar with helmet in the Norman style. Probably or early century Idade Média Imagens e Cotidiano

medieval - Knights of the cross

1200 - 1299 Knights Templar, century The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon Active: c. Allegiance: The Pope

Many years ago it was decided between those who control things as they are in the physical to create a new country that they could use to control man.  It was decided that the area which is now known as the United States would be the place to reestablish the pillars of Rome.This was done by choice before the voyages of Columbus.  It is true that the land was known, and that some of those remaining members of the Templars had traveled often to the land.

m Paladin Chainmail Helm Sheild Sword Cloak Resultado de imagen de templar knights

Knight of the Holy Sepulcher

Michigan Toy Soldier Company : Pegaso Models - Knight of the Holy Sepulcher

Pegaso Models - Knight Hospitaller, 1203~1204. Painted by Ernesto R.Stalhuth aka "Ernest"

m Cleric Chain helm Shield Axe midlvl Pegaso Models - Knight Hospitaller, Painted by Ernesto R.

ENGLISH MEDIEVAL KNIGHT 1200-1300. http://www.knight-test.aspery.com.au/armour/english-medieval-knight1213.php

Let us take a gander at ten incredible facts one should know about the medieval English knights of the century.