Hockey Humor

This what I always thought when I heard farm team when I was little lol

<b>NHL and all around hockey fans alike, the app Whisper has a hockey side too.</b>

12 Hockey Confessions Discovered on Whisper

Afternoon Funny Pictures - 47 Pics

OMG hahahahahahahahaha that is so funny and so explains my problems with my brother Austan. Some days, I wanna kill him with the chair. Not so much just hit him

I'm sorry but this is not good for LeBron's image lol.  #lebroning

This Hilarious Comparison Of LeBron James And Dallas stars Peverly Hockey Stars Shows Us What Sport Real Men Play--- the reason I can't stand basketball!

With the exception of H2Opolo maybe. Hockey is tough love

"Yeah, your sport is probably tougher than ours." A little Ice Hockey Humor to brighten your day.

What? Awful parent? I do this! It's called homeschooling folks!

"I would be an awful parent. My kids would say "I don't wanna go to school I just wanna sleep" and I'd probably get in bed with them and be like "I feel you."" It's so funny because it's true

hockey fights

okay so basketball fight = sissy fight hockey fight when its flyers vs. penguins or blackhawks vs.