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Pin for Later: 59 Things Only True Book-Lovers Understand What to do when life is just too much.

Pour des matins qui chantent

Pour des matins qui chantent "And if thou hast noted that I had put two panties, bravo, you're obviously more awake than I was morning.

Society at a glance

kinkyturtle: “avri-wallflower: “ sourcedumal: “ Fuck special snowflakes who think like this. Gurl bye Your ass ain’t fucking special because you don’t wear makeup. You’re not fucking better than the.

"Odiei o livro, 5/5 estrelas"- avaliação da Niazinha.

Alguns livros...

"Odiei o livro, 5/5 estrelas"- avaliação da Niazinha.

One day, you'll read a book and you won't put it down even after you finish it.

erinbowman: This is the true magic of stories. (Illustration by Natasha Kline)

Kadınların Günlük Yaşamlarındaki Sıkıntılarını Komik Şekilde Ele Alan 22 Karikatür

Sheldon gets it

When I watched the movie I saw that and I really wanted to kill him I hate gaston more than any other villain

Depressão pós-livro.

A familiar dilemma for readers.>> this is why i read multiple books at a time, when one finishes, i just pick up another one i started! No moral conflict >> I finish things really quickly

Vaya Face! El perfecto resúmen de mi vida amorosa...

A Sad Story // save your heart, for someone who's worth dying for. - Mayday Parade - Save Your Heart

Les 20 meilleurs pères de l’Univers – Québec Meme +

Nos papa sont les meilleurs, profitons en temps qu'il sont avec nous !

Zukuzu Couleur pour avant la chambre

VDM : Vos histoires de la vie quotidienne

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