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A sailor and his girl. I love the black and white tint and the umbrella. So era. :) - this would be fun to re-create for an engagement pic

Andre Kohn-The Kiss-13 x11-2000.jpg (605×720)                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

The Kiss by Andre Kohn, Figurative Impressionist Painter, Russian Impressionist Painter

Marilyn Monroe Art!

Pop art still flourishes today and is extremely popular. Here is a compilation of pop art images depicting the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Little Romance by the absolutely amazing burdge-bug on deviantART

Burdge-bug is amazing. little romance by *burdge-bug at deviantart. This reminds me of Beckendorf and Selena from Percy Jackson :(, I didn't even know she could draw realistic


bubbles/ random bits of color on a black and white picture/drawing