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Let go of your feelings!>) Doujinshi for fanfic "Last Jinchuuriki" Pairing / Characters: Kakashi / Arika Rating:. Let it Go of their feelings

The fact that Harry Potter was going out with Ginny Weasley seemed to interest a great number of people, most of them girls, yet Harry found himself newly and happily impervious to gossip over the next few weeks. After all, it made a very nice change to be talked about because of something that was making him happier than he could remember being for a very long time, rather than because he had been involved in horrific scenes of Dark Magic. - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

burdge: The fact that Harry Potter was going out...


Be him, there best friends) I smile and hug him. He was the bad boy and I was the smart girl who was on the cheerleading team. I really liked him, I blush lightly as he holds me. ((Credit to Marie The Blonde Panda

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Fresh Start - Chapter 5