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متعب أن تكون شخصاً طبيعياً لا إنه ممل  Tokyo Ghoul

Firet couple seconds- personal pose-- star boy starts playing-- creepy as shit zoom transition to mass blood bendeing scene.-- zuztara scene of fingers bending down.- lightning flashes of au selfs

tokyo ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul~ Kaneki Ken// I'm trying this on so many people from now on

'And you just can't stand the reality or sadness anymore so that you'd wish to die as soon as possible,' -Kazaya

Charlotte - Otosaka Yuu Anime is really amazing. Its the only series/movies that made me cry.

There's a very fitting quote from on of my favourite book.  "I remember what I just do. Even if it makes me the villain of my own story". I think about that quite often. And these quotes are similar. So... why are villains villains? Because they do things another person thinks are bad. But are they truly ?

Villain quotes that might be a bit inspirational. Although, I suggest you don't listen to the Joker.

I love listening to lies....when I know the truth.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Sakamaki Ayato from Diabolik Lovers. Who's your husband in the 12 vampires?

Tokyo Ghoul :Re with Bring Me The Horizon's lyrics of 'Can You Feel My Heart' song.

Tokyo Ghoul :Re with Bring Me The Horizon's lyrics of 'Can You Feel My Heart' song.---- was this song mad for this anime

Pv : outer science Mekaku city actors

KAGEROU PROJECT, Outer Science Some Dark or Sad Anime Quotes sometimes are a reflection of our past or feelings, we are always connected to anime characters and their feelings,sad or happy.