The Vampire Diaries TVD 7X09 - Damon and Bonnie

The Vampire Diaries Damon,Stefan & Bonnie I haven't even gotten this far into The Vampire Diaries, soo. this is a spoiler for me a little bit.

Vampire Diaries S8 E15 - ...she raised an incredible daughter, that I now get to call family.

Its soooo sad bc damon and elena and matt and bonnie r all human, so theu inevitably die. Stefan died right after him and caroline get married.That means carolines all alone😭


Klaus (Joseph Morgan) - "The Originals" Personally i thought this is something Damon would say

Everyone's smiling and having fun...and then there's Stefan XD

TVD Amo The Vampire Diaries Cast - Comic Con Besides the fact that I don't like Kat Graham really.

The Vampire Diaries TVD S08E16/Season finale - Elena and Stefan

The Vampire Diaries TVD finale - Elena and Stefan Elenas face when she realizes what Stefan did