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good luck with that!

kitty cat says NOPE. stop trying to walk your cat on a leash, it's not a dog!


Shake Shake Shake. Shake Shake Shake. Shake Your Booty.

Too Funny.............

Neighborhood Watch Program (sam would totally do this if I moved his cat tree closer to the window! Afraid he would get stuck in the blinds.

Lions cant roar until they about 2yrs old.

Funny pictures about Tiny Newborn Baby Lion. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny Newborn Baby Lion. Also, Tiny Newborn Baby Lion photos.


They told me I could be anything. So I became a crocodile. This made me giggle so hard I accidentally woke up my hubby lying beside me:( Bwahahaha! This is definitely random!

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"One reason we admire cats is for their proficiency in one-upmanship. They always seem to come out on top, no matter what they are doing--or pretend they do.

bailaaaaandooooo, me paso el día bailaaaaaaandooooo...gatos,esos tipos geniales

I'm a cat, I'm a kitty cat, and i dance dance dance. And i dance dance dance!

caturday - Google Search

Happy Kitten is a relatively unknown meme showing a kitten with a seeming smile on its face. The captions that come with it are usually offensive; often men

Si te fijas detenidamente verás que no es un dinosaurio de verdad.

Funny pictures about If you pay attention and look closely. Oh, and cool pics about If you pay attention and look closely. Also, If you pay attention and look closely.

Weird conversation

Funny pictures about Whatcha thinkin about? Oh, and cool pics about Whatcha thinkin about? Also, Whatcha thinkin about?

The real life Timon and Simba...

It could be straight out of Disney hit The Lion King but this lion cub and meerkat cuddling up to each other is real. Meet the real-life Simba and Timon.

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit - No assembly required.

Crazy cat lady starter kit :: Lc- bonus: you can use the giant shipping box for their massive ton of kitty litter :-)

¡Oigan chicos! Los gatos tienen sus momentos pero también los perros.

31 perros cuyo fracaso fue tan terrible que ganaron

23 Dogs Who Are Too Adorably Stupid For Their Own Good. These dogs are so cute! I just don't like the captions under the pictures saying stuff like "Look at how stupid you look, dog.