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……Well, because this moment in new ep and discord chat lol

Haha, everyone in Miraculous Ladybug seems to be more clueless than the Pendragon family in Merlin

Oh the irony is killing me 🤦‍♀️ I also kinda wish Tikki and Plagg were in the background looking really annoyed 😂

Miraculous Ladybug || Adrien || Nooo~ this is terrible!  I'm not crying, my eyes are just leaking T-T

He was so happy and i think his father was different but once Adrien's mom left, his dad changed he wants to protect Adrien but doesn't know how to show it<< Dude you can see the life leave his eyes

20622007_1172175922915691_8220643793052711592_n.jpg (529×616)

I really do love some of the people that do the subtitles for the Miraculous Ladybug episodes