Rose Wallpaper...By Artist Unknown...

Pink Rose---the first flower I have received in such a long time & roses truly are my favorite! Blessings to a real gentleman that sent this!

Muy bellas

Love is a beautiful thing with the Mr. Right who sent to you by God. Wait on his timing in marriage (love) and all things.

Wonderful pick Rose

English roses are a group of roses, introduced by a hybridizer in the They were created to enhance some of the Old Roses, although a rose is a special flower in its own right and would seem to need no such enhancing.

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Im not in the park now obviously but sitting in somebodys kitchen in north finchley smoking his weed and then I`ll jump to the car and keep listening,Im cool,I relaxed.

✿⊱❥ Rosas Amarelas

The Yellow Rose of Texas. Yellow Roses are all about platonic love and friendship. Often sent as a get well gift, yellow roses also represent happiness, delight, and new beginnings.