This #infographic focuses on the workplace safety rules. For more #safety #tips, take a look at this infographic by BIS Training Solutions

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About three of every four Canadians whose job includes manual materials handling suffer pain due to back injury at some time.   Display this poster filled with practical tips to help remind workers of how to lift and handle materials properly and safely in the workplace.  Download this poster for free from or buy full colour copies for only $6 each.

CCOHS: Canada's National Centre for Occupational Health and Safety information

Office Safety Poster

Office Safety Poster

10 Health and Safety Tips for Safety Managers | Safety, Safety Leadership

A company's safety manager has a lot on his/her plate. Not only do fellow employees count on them; family and friends of that worker also count on safety managers to make sure each employee goes home safe.

Vintage Workplace Safety Poster 1960s National Safety Council - Wear Them As Instructed.

Vintage Workplace Safety Poster National Safety Council - Wear Them As…

Remember to wear ear plugs in noisy environments with these posters

Have you ever heard baseball size hail hit a metal garage door? Keeping a set of ear plugs for your kids in your kit can make everything less scary!

Overview of basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be reviewed during a hazard assessment in order to protect workers from workplace injuries and illnesses.

This infographic shows the basic personal protective equipment, or PPE, that needs to be considered during a hazard assessment to protect employees fr