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Training up a JW boy from Infancy in New Jersey USA  (he loves to help his grandfather)

Training up a JW boy from Infancy in New Jersey, USA (he loves to help his grandfather)

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when we left carabas I told him merry Christmas 😂 😂 I’m going to hell 🤣🤣

The new way....bringing literature to the people with rolling carts. Literature is free of charge and people can pick and choose what they are interested in.

Un gran ejército de siervos de Jehová!>Would love to know more about where all these public witnessing carts were taken. Love our brothers and Jehovah!

The sister was representing her God Jehovah proudly.

This sister received from President Obama a medal of valor for his son policeman who died. Look at the brooch pinned to his jacket.

Governing Body-easy way to remember their names .... I HERD JACKSON SPLANE to MORRIS not to LETT SANDERSON PIERCE LOSCH

Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. Guy Pierce, actually no, youre not resting, your up in heaven serving with Christ!

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Funny pictures about License and registration. Oh, and cool pics about License and registration. Also, License and registration photos.

༺♥༻ JW.org has the bible and bible study aids (to read, watch, listen and download) available in 300+ (sign languages included) languages. These aids are designed to be used with your bible. All of these are at no charge.

I don’t mean to make light of the grave situation our brothers in Russia are facing. Rather, this goes to show how illogical and ridiculous the situation is. Our prayers are with our dear faithful brothers and sisters there.

Testigos de Jehová predicando a principios del siglo XX y hoy; publicaciones para estudiar la Biblia en muchos idiomas

¿Por qué tienen que estar organizados los siervos de Dios?

Scenes of Jehovah’s Witnesses preaching in the early and also today; printed Bible-study material in many languages.

The Lego movie jw.org. We are becoming more and more well known!

Surprising where you see things, these carts and vans have only been around for a few of years but have been extremely effective in helping people get to know the truth about God and his word the bible.