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Tattoo fonts ideas for men can range from the classic serifs and geometric sans to the artistic and playful graffiti styles.

"Parts of Japan gave criminals tattoos on their arms. Many are simple lines around the arm. On the bottom line, the third left, I can see the sign of “悪”, bad in Japanese. This was Kishu´s (紀州/now Mie and Wakayama prefecture) tattoo.

Abstract Thin And Thick Armband Black Line Tattoos

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Sometimes arnband tattoo design is so simple and big placement and so welcome as I find, and big piece tattoo of blackwork is so popular on armband tattoos.

David Beckham shows his ribcage tattoo

David Beckham Flashes Shirtless Body at University Visit!: Photo David Beckham lifts up his shirt to reveal his tattoo featuring Chinese writing while making a visit to Peking University on Sunday (March in Beijing, China.

black band calf leg tattoos egodesigns

Couples band tats: doubt ty would like to match me but the idea is sweet. Would prefer a much thinner piece tho

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