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Add a different ending. Like "but I couldn't"-Faith C.

Her salty eyes told me stories, that make my heart weep. I wanted to wrap her in blanket, and tell her she was safe forever.

I love you beautiful

Quotes about Love : Love quote idea – "He was her warmth, she was his peace" {Courtesy of S Content}

-it was when she stroked my hair, when she thought i was asleep, that i knew she really did-- #atticus #love I may not say it often but I do.. I'm someone incapable of loving but somehow I managed to love you.

The words never meant much, that's not how I loved. It was when she stroked my hair, when she thought I was asleep. That I knew she really did.

I'm not the only one

I like storms. They let me know that even the sky screams sometimes. (summer storms I love them.

But real things can easily go away...

Goes with dream story prompt: You are in a dream. You've been living in it for the past 500 years.