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The Awakened Psychic

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The Awakened Psychic is a guide to developing your inner psychic and tuning in to your intuitive wisdom. With hands-on exercises and stories from the author’s practice, this book is all about lifting the veil between the worlds, seeing into the future, and connecting with spirits and loved ones on the other side. Join Kala Ambrose as she explores ideas and techniques for enhancing your psychic abilities and making the most of your intuitive talents, including:
How to build a powerful energy field for psychic self-defense
The difference between being psychic and being a medium
Techniques to heighten your psychic abilities
How ghosts and spirits are different
How to awaken your powerful inner intuitive oracle
The difference between an intuitive hunch and being psychic
Techniques to connect with spirit guides and your higher self
Everyone has intuitive ability at some level, and those abilities can be helpful tools in making decisions, following your dreams, enhancing your relationships, and building a business or career that you enjoy. In this book, you'll discover the different kinds of psychic abilities and how they work together so that you can manifest your destiny and live a spiritually fulfilled life.
By Kala Ambrose
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