Fallen Stormbird

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 crashes in April 2015 during the Omaka Classic Fighters Airshow at Blenheim, New Zealand.

A 3,000-horsepower Bristol Centaurus radial engine leads Sea Fury’s cigar-shaped fuselage.Small glass on top only evidence of cockpit.With its sexy lines,rumbling roar & impressive speeds,no wonder Hawker Sea Fury long been favorite at National Championship Air Races in Reno,Nevada.Designed for Royal Navy in WWII (though not completed til after war) ,the beautifully shaped elliptical wings fold up for carrier storage,which makes the airplane stand out even more on the ground.

Hawker Sea Fury Designed and manufactured by the British company Hawker in the it should come as no surprise that an airplane named the Sea Fury was designed for the Navy.

ANALYSIS: AHRLAC leads the charge in South African revival

South African AHRLAC: a tandem-seat, single-engined, light attack or reconnaissance type currently in flight test.

Corsair cockpit

A view of a modernized cockpit of a Corsair.