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Hmmmm I am definitely dangerous... Not sure about the silent part tho... LOL but seriously. (;

Not so innocent. I think intelligent is more fitting. Or resourceful. This is true up until it said Fan girl. I'm not a fan girl btw

think Maximum Ride :) lol THE VOICE...But seriously, I dont know if im supposed to trust any of them or which one to trust

think Maximum Ride :) lol THE VOICE. I read the Maximum ride books out loud to my sister and her friend, and they tell me that whenever I do the voice, I sound seductive.

Maximum Ride -    by ~bookworm16016 on deviantART  (purple - Max, blue - Fang)

Maximum Ride - by on deviantART (purple - Max, blue - Fang) >>>> I think I almost died laughing when I first read this.

Maximum Ride - Fang by ~bookworm16016 on deviantART

I love chapter 47 in the book of Maximum Ride ~Fang belongs to James Patterson~ Maximum Ride - Fang

hahahahahahahahaha.... oh Max,...

Hunter has a third speed. He wants someone to tell him he's not a mistake. Stone might have just these two sides though lol