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Veiled Chameleon

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An adult Jackson's Chameleon with a baby not yet old enough to change its colouring (Rick Stevens)

Adult Jackson's Chameleon with baby too young to change its coloring (Rick Stevens)

Jackson's Chameleon by BBMaui, via Flickr

Herping for the Jackson's Chameleon in the Koolau Range, Oahu. (Or Jackson Chameleon Way in Wai'manalo. Round Top Drive, Manoa Falls, and virtually any area in the Ko'olau mountain range).

minimum Chamaeleonidae  世界最小のカメレオン

Researchers have recently discovered four new chameleon species in Madagascar, which rank among the world’s tiniest reptiles. Adults of the smallest species are just over an inch from snout to tail.

This jacksons chameleon has huge horns! (Trioceros jacksonii merumontanus). Credit: Van Overbeke Jurgen > For more pics videos & articles visit: jacksonii s s s pets lovers etology s

Herp Keepers — This jackson’s chameleon has huge horns!

Veiled chameleon holding a baby frog.

It makes me a little sad to eat this baby frog . should I let him go - Veiled chameleon holding a baby frog.