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RDJism - So beautiful>>> Hiccup looks amazing, I though it was his genderbend at first but then I saw Astrid so.....yeah

Oh dear Hiccup what have you been up to ? << He's been making outfits again XD<<< is there blood under their noses

Hiccup! Jack why are you going along with this?!

It's funny because it's meant to be Hicastrid but it turns into hijack

Hanging Around by hanaekaptr on DeviantArt - IS THERE A NAME FOR THIS SHIP? BECAUSE I AM JOINING.

Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph crossover - Vanellope, Hiro Hamada. Older Hiro and Vanellope.

ROTG - RULE 63 Initiated by ~piku-chan on deviantART. I like this version especially because the artist drew Jacklyn with a skirt and leggings. I was really tired of seeing her in booty shorts: first, it was over-sexualizing; second, it was just impractical.

ROTG - RULE 63 Initiated by ~piku-chan on deviantART. Rise of the Guardians genderbend

Disney - Genderbent

I'm just gonna say it, I think female Hans is absolutely gorgeous! And since I'm a Helsa shipper her and male Elsa would be so hot as genderbents! <<< 'Helsa' is a thing? Pffffft I ship either Jelsa or Merida x Elsa

This is so sweet! I also feel that ravenclaw is more fit for hiccup

Hogwarts AU Idk if i like Hiccup better in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. But Jack definitly belongs in Slytherin.<< To me Hiccup is an Hufflepuff

past memories by Milady666.deviantart.com on @deviantART  Another beautiful piece by this brilliant artist! :D

Jack had life before Frost. :'( jacks life before he kinda looks like percy


Aww, Legolas has the archery prodigies (Hawkeye, Katniss? Merida) and Loki has all the ice children(Jack and Elsa)