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smART Class: Winter Rain Watercolor Resist - drops smaller further away

KAUPUNKI - siluetti, liidut + vesivärit.

Draw on light blue paper with white crayon or oil pastel: paint over city design with a blue or black tempera wash (water down tempera paint a bit) or watercolor

craies grasses et peinture

smART Class: Winter Rain Watercolor Resist - Directions at this site are a little specific for preschoolers, but the activity is basically doable for them.

Glue resist spider web

Water color crayon resist artwork, an Original watercolour painting by Kirsten Bailey, but could be adapted for a children's art activity. Great for a fall wall hanging or spider picture for the fridge!

Rain quilt

"Another Rainy Day" Graphic/Illustration by Nic Squirrell posters, art prints, canvas prints, greeting cards or gallery prints. Find more Graphic/Illustration art prints and posters in the ARTFLAKE.

Inspire your child's creativity and imagination by introducing famous painters and their most popular masterpieces.

Recreate Five Masterpiece Paintings

Directions to help your little artist recreate the works of famous artwork from Pablo Picasso to Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Great way use as an art lesson.

Painting Rain with a Printable Art Prompt: What is the colour of rain? Give these printable art prompts to children along with watercolour paints and find out! It's a great rainy day art project for kids.

Painting Rain with Printable Art Prompt

Visual Art: Children love creating with water color, if you wanted to be even more creative you could make a rainy day picture with melted crayons as well. The children could have the option.