Bottle plastic jugs as a drawers .

Upcycled plastic bottle drawer storage system in furniture diy with Upcycled Furniture Drawer Container. If you are really handy and have a lot of these plastic bottles whoa!

Cheap way to organize nails and screws

Lots of ingenious workshop organization ideas! This will be great for all the little stuff around, and we already have things around the house that can be recycled for this job!

JUN_2007_017_T_01.JPG (1000×911)

Sandwich-bag parts organizer Small parts storage Cut slots in a piece of plywood with a jigsaw. Fill resealable bags with small parts, hardware or craft items and hang them from the slotted plywood.

Diy Pop Ring Lampshade

DIY Lamp Shade Made From Soda Top Tabs.a well recycle way of using the soda top tabs to create a new things.

The Chisel Storage Rack

The Chisel Storage Rack

Plastic bags dispenser made from a PET Bottle

Shopping bag storer storage organization organization ideas diy organization ideas organization and storage