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Prince Charming doing a fantastic job at the grand-parenting thing :)

Sneak Peek: Can the Once Upon a Time Folk Leave Storybrooke? Plus, Jefferson's Back!

Lady of the Lake: Henry and David sword fighting.

This will totally be me

Oh my God, obviously I wouldn't have that many kids, but it's a definite possibility that I would name my kids after OUAT characters

Charming and the Ladies of Once Upon A Time :)

red once upon a time Belle jennifer morrison ginnifer goodwin josh dallas snow white emma meghan ory lana parrilla Regina ruby Evil Queen Emilie de Ravin ouat cast w** fuck they're so perfect

Omg it's just this wave of black leather XD<<<<and then there's Snow

Anα on

Awesome Lana Sean Ginny Josh Colin (Regina Robin Snow Charming Hook) Regina possibly going to do awesome magic the awesome Once premiere Village Vancouver BC Saturday

Oh Henry and his sarcasm. This was actually a good one

Hijacked by the once upon a time fandom <-- I feel like the spn fandom is laughing at how cute their little stamp thing is because they don't even need a stamp, people just KNOW<<<<Our stamp is awesome thank you I don't need your sass

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"Always A Gentleman" - Once Upon a Time - Hook - Emma - Captain Swan - I love when he whispers the "giants can smell blood" line.

#wattpad #fanfiction ❛ Hello there, mummy. ❜ In which I write about five certain characters from a magical town called Storybrooke. ( happy halloween witches! ) ( currently in the process of writing. ) ( requests are welcome. ) ( reader inserts. ) ( copyright willstudor | 2017. ) ( beautiful cover by opheliy...

Storybrooke OUAT Imagines & Preferences. - [07] KILLIAN JONES

“ I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking forward to this. T I C K T O C K ” Even after multiple viewings this is all I see when Rumple gets excited over getting to kill Hook.