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2010 reddot design award winning Copenhagen bike share system is the creation of RAFFA Arhictecture & Design. This bicycle sharing plan, developed for the city of Copenhagen, is projected to increase bicycling from to by


Plaza de Dalí -Madrid

Plaza de Dali, designed by architect Francisco Mangado. Center of Madrid city. I assume illustrator and autocad were used to create design. I love this design because if the simplicity of it and the mass and void phenomena.

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urban podium with large hardwood seating area and greenery. StreetLife

The podium isle is an attractive way to add platform seating elements to public space design, creating a lively streetscape. The CorTen, or weathering resistant, steel base gives a warm feeling to this lively streetscape

Image result for martha vanke park mansion

Image result for martha vanke park mansion

Cicada Landscape - Website for Landscape Design & Urban Planning Agency

As one of the leaders in architecture and design, having won the President’s Design Award in 2007 for Designer of the Year, Cicada approached Method for a branding that matched their calibre.

Platform bench // light cove detail

Plaza Decking / Bench in a public park makes an excellent gathering space where nighttime lighting aids in safety efforts. Overall a really crisp design, simple, yet elegant.

Sense of Place

Business infographic & data visualisation Sense of Place. Infographic Description Sense of Place - Infographic Source -