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I don't fucking care - Blackbears

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we are the kids your parents warned you about. dedicado con todo mi amor para Ramirez y Basile Bahrs Basile

“The Hills” by The Weeknd⇝≫✿PINTEREST: @glamitalex ✨ INSTAGRAM: @glamitalex ✨✿≪⇜

iljerin - the hills

"I care!" She cried, unable to control her sobs. Addie was pulling at her hair, fisting the unyielding fabric of her suit. She wanted something to hold onto, some sort of anchor that could keep her grounded in reality, "Vibe, why can't you respect that?"

melanie martinez // play date

Who i couldn't be...his..his..

Anyone but me -blackbear

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Fall Out Boy - Centuries

fall out boy lyrics

idfc // blackbear

idfc // blackbear

"No one is coming to save you." The rusty voice of the mech says smoothly, a sly expression on his faceplate.  "I could say the same thing to you." The general mutters from her place on the floor where she attempted to stand, purple energon dripping from her mouth.

It is entirely up to you.

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