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Heart Island in mangrove delta of the Vaza-Barris River, Brazil

Heart shaped island in the mangrove delta of the Vaza-Barris River, Brazil

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Heart island Maldives found in the Republic of the Maldives, a country that is spread out over square miles in the Indian Ocean, 250 miles southwest of India. The nation is comprised of coral islands formed around 26 natural atolls, each of w

Hearts in Nature: Heart-shaped island in Walchensee, Germany

Valentine's Day: hearts in Nature

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Tavarua Island, Fiji -- A stunning heart-shaped island paradise just off the coast of Viti Levu, surrounded by coral reef.

Yet another reason I want to go to fiji! Could there be a better honeymoon destination than a heart-shaped island? This is Tavarua Island, Fiji, Oceania

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Art naturel -- Heart rock found on South Harbor Beach, Fair Isle Shetland Islands, Scotland


Nature is full of hearts.we just have to look. (The heart shaped swamp of Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia).

Never forget to share! Ladybug Love on a Cherry Stem =)

Heart cherry stem with two lady bugs. lady bugs in love. that sounds weird. LADY bugs in love?

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Mother nature likes to play with the wind and creates outstanding sculptures like this heart shaped in an iceberg near Peter First Island - Antarctica

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Heart Found in Nature in Tree National Park, California.So Awesome! Joshua Tree National Park, California sticks-and-stones

Morro do Pai Inácio, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brasil:

visitheworld: Heart-shaped rock in Chapada Diamantina National Park, Bahia, Brazil (by Raphael Koerich).