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tulipnight: “ End of the Rainbow by Matt Champlin on Flickr. ”

Rainbow God's Blessings always combined with Rainbow Nature God's Blessings filled with Rainbow Love and Rainbow Happiness into me Rainbow always forever & ever.

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Gorgeous shot

Crepuscular Rays - One of our Favorite Pinterest Boards

My favorite :) I always thought they were slides from heaven to earth when I was a kid.when my brother passed away, I would see the sun rays and think that he was shining his light on to me from heaven.pinned my Our Zakarya

Awesome Rainbow

I Have Set My Rainbow In The Clouds, And It Will Be The Sign Of The Covenant Between Me And The Earth. ~ Genesis The rainbow is a sign of Gods covenant, not gay marriage.


Beautiful Nature-When I see these rays of light open up in the clouds I think about god is taking more angels to heaven

"Some words are what we call 'colorful'. By this we mean that they are calculated to produce a picture or induce an emotion." (109). The point is to not find a fancy word, but to make the audience feel something. If it's a simple, matter-of-fact sentence, leave it as that. But if the word gets too colorful, the audience might find comedy in it rather than a deeper meaning.

I posted some of sunsets across the Hay Plains a bit earlier. This shot was taken on the same trip - with rain and storm clouds passing over most of the day. In the late afternoon the sun broke through in the west, producing this rainbow.

Hawaii Rainbow 2048 | by Sydney Dog ❤

Digital photo composition from original photos taken November 2009 in Kauai, Hawaii with a Lumix Wiamea Canyon foreground and Anahola rainbow background.