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art direction | pink razors still life photography - charlotte audrey owen-meehan

Lorne Blythe Work from his oeuvre "Lorne Blythe uses the still life to investigate how photography has historically shaped and manipulated the way we see

Richie Talboy x gg-ll: Summer Olympics

Photographer Richie Talboy and Art Director gg-ll (Grace Glass Lucas Lefler) teamed up for a series of Summer Olympics-inspired still lifes.

AÃRK Collective - Leta Sobierajski

AÃRK Collective - Leta Sobierajski Aark Collective creates timepieces inspired by the challenge of balancing function and beauty.

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King Kong pink plastic toy plays with toy town and plastic pink army tanks & military men - pink things items pink humor joke animal funny pink love

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ENERGY!A new conceptual food photo series based on sources of energy.Styling: Anna Keville Joyce | AKJ FoodstylingPhotography: Lucas Zarebinski | Lucas Zarebinski PhotographyFull project: www.behance.net/gallery/28720503/ENERGY

ENERGY is a conceptual food photography series based on sources of energy by Buenos Aires-based food stylist Anna Keville Joyce. While food is indeed a reliable source of energy, here the artist pl