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Felt Cats

Needle felted kitties - since I don't needle felt, perhaps a sewn kitty would be cute!

たまごねこ軍団 - - - - - - - #cat #neko #needlefelt #needlefelting #felt #felted #felting #woolfelt #woolfeltcat #羊毛フェルト #ニードルフェルト 20170620

たまごねこ軍団 - - - - - - - #cat #neko #needlefelt #needlefelting #felt #felted #felting #woolfelt #woolfeltcat #羊毛フェルト #ニードルフェルト 20170620

Kit de fieltro DIY a mano fuentes japonesas fieltro lana

RE: DIY felting kit handmade supplies Japanese Felt Wool Kit Japanese Package needle workphone hanging accessories cute animal cats

Сова. Валяние игрушек из шерсти / Техника валяние из шерсти - мастер классы для начинающих, игрушки / Лунтики. Развиваем детей. Творчество и игрушки


A fulling of toys from the wool / Technician a fulling from wool - master classes for beginners, toy / Luntiki. We develop children.

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Mogucchi Miitan Beanbag Cushion Plush Collection

Needle Felt Simple to make a super cute wool by 1127handcrafter

Needle Felt Simple to make a super cute wool by felted zodiac animals.but where is that stupid cat

Cat ornament

Calico Cat Brooch Felt Kawaii Kitty Kitten Pin Feline Orange Black White - would be cute to turn into a Christmas ornament

DIY Needle wool felt cute dog and cake set  KIT Japanese craft kit. $13.90 USD, via Etsy.

DIY Needle wool felt dog and cake set KIT Japanese craft kit, via Etsy.

【hitsujigoto_dattari】♥ Felt Wool Doll


【hitsujigoto_dattari】♥ ooak design doll for christmas gift or decoration

Needle Felting Tutorial : How to Needle Felt by Gillian Harris from Gilliangladrag - YouTube

This is a Needle Felting tutorial by Gillian Harris, author of Felting books "Complete Feltmaking" "Carnival of Felting" and "Felting Fabulous Flowers".