Rose & Arrows

Wild rose + Arrow = tattoo idea Wild rose meaning- State flower for Iowa, where Gunnard was born Arrow meaning- No matter how far in life you get pulled back, you'll eventually go forward to something great.

Wild Rose and Arrows 8x10 Giclee Fine Art Print by BurrowingHome, $25.00

Wild Rose and Arrows Giclee Fine Art Print by BurrowingHome. Would make a great tattoo. Almost makes me think of THG.

Beautiful large vintage floral temporary tattoo

Beautiful large vintage floral temporary tattoo

I love vintage inspired floral tattoos! This temporary tattoo is made with a vintage image of a pretty floral arrangement.

floral illustration black and white watercolor - Google otsing

Dogwood watercolor (not sure of the artist, I had saved this to a folder on my desktop for tattoo reference material). I made this black and white in PS.was all pink.


These beautiful colored temporary tattoos feature a vibrant bluejay feather and a wild rose and arrow design. Burrowing Home temporary tattoos

Love the detail

A tattoo of an arrow resembles that an arrow must be pulled back before it can be shot forward. In other words, life will pull you back to point you into the right direction before it releases you and you get where you need to be in happiness.

Indian arrow

Like an arrow that the Cherokees would use, Taylor needs something to point her in the right directions.

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My favorite one i've seen so far. Crossed arrows stand for someone who has crossed through your life permanently. It stands for friendship and love.

Gorgeous Sunflower Tattoos For Women

"Moon Flower" A sunflower with a moon inside. For the polar opposites. Absolutely LUV this, but wouldn't fit with the tattoo theme I'm considering