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great idea for a black and gray tattoo. We can only fly with two wings and two wings can only stay in the air if there is a balance

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Ying Yang feather by ~LilyThula on deviantART, ok just when I thought I found the perfect feather tattoo I have to see this, wow welp i know what im getting, this is perfect.


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I sit before flowers hoping they may train me in the art of opening up. For the way their petals bloom in the sunshine is true happiness. Express Yourself 🌸

randombeauty | gacougnol: Milton Halberstadt Bird Wing undated

books are compared to birds because books are transformed from cold objects to beautiful alive. They are precious beautiful things and how burning books is such a crime like burning birds.

I wish I had one like that | Tattoo Ideas Central

Would be cooler if the devil wing was larger and on the shoulder blade, same with the angel wing but on the other side.