Im thinking of the green armband as mental health awareness and the flowers that represent the important people in my life. Floral armband tattoo by Helen Xu


The most impressive about the Flower Band Tattoo by Zihwa is how thin all the outlines are. This makes this tattoo look incredibly soft and tender.


Inner part of my arm band tattoo, norwegian landscape. Done by James Fraser! - but with the new paltz mohonk mts

Golden Iron Tattoo Studio | Other Styles/Small Tattoos

small flower tattoo cute fine line watercolor unique different girly cool idea black and grey lotus whimsical dainty back piece black and grey color sleeve bee wasps bug script small planet arm flower band

Minimalist flower tattoo  Milena Kirsche

Minimalist flower tattoo Milena Kirsche I LOVE love love love this. My wrists are too small for bracelets.but a wrist tattoo I could totally do.