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I'm getting a new phone and need a new Aarmau background and I might have just found it!

Lol i like zanemau only in my street though because of you know what in minecraft diaries 81 :(

Aphmau High School Secret - PARTY and a MAD MAX - Page 4 - Wattpad b b but i like zane ib this but in mystreet aarmau is OTP - Yo I ship a lot of things so

⋆☾⋆ You're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece ⋆☾⋆

also Tyler wearing Jenna's grouplove sweater and Jenna wearing Josh's Columbus shirt

Lumberjanes 24

March comic covers Starfire 10 - Amanda Conner Robin Son of Batman 10 - Patrick Gleason Rocket Raccoon and Groot 3 - Skottie Young Lumberjanes 24 - Kelsey Short Adventure Time Ice King 3 - Shelli.


Post with 13522 votes and 309667 views. Tagged with Aww; Imagine the cutest thing you've ever seen. Now tell me why it's Shark Pup

Fall Out Boy My Chemical Romance  Panic! At the Disco (the emo trinity;)

Fall Out Boy My Chemical Romance Panic! At the Disco (the emo trinity;)<<<no stop with this emo trinity shit ,, gerard fucking hated that his band wad called "emo" . so ppl need to stop w the emo trinity shit bc gerard fucking hated it .

Click to see the pic...

Raise your hand if you think Tyler is the cutest bean in the universe. *Raises hand so high it passes pluto*

I wanted to quickly draw this before Thanksgiving was completely irrelevant, and before I go off to see Moana today !

So long (Ask Goldie anything) (WIP) by GraWolfQuinn on deviant art.

that's great yall anime watchers now u can finally succumb to EREMIKA