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Snape doing his things

Funny pictures about Just Snape Doing Everyday Things. Oh, and cool pics about Just Snape Doing Everyday Things. Also, Just Snape Doing Everyday Things photos.

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Definitely Adorable and Cute

Harry Potter coffee cup humor ;-) lol the brilliance of some people :)

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This is hilarious! Some guy went to Starbucks and when the cashier asked for his name; he says with a very calm voice, "Lord Voldemort". This is what his cup said when he got it. Clearly someone has a sense of humor. =D Gotta love Harry Potter!

At first I thought one of the teletubbies had fallen from the sky, and then I managed to read the caption. XD

Sorry to hear about your mom's skydiving accident. Yo Mamma jokes just got real.