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value study - use three colors in any shape/design. display as whole class project. show artists website for inspiration. each class use different color scheme. artist statement on back explaining reasoning of design. Jason Messinger Art: Vertical Murals from JasonMessingerArt

Grand Tour - Vertical ceramic tile wall art Mural from JasonMessingerArt: (think paintings.value study, whole class project)

Symmetry: Draw city scene in washable markers on half the paper, spray the other half with water and fold over. Instant reflection!  Trees reflected in a lake with sunset sky... people standing on a pier over a river...maybe try with water soluble pastels.

sprayed the bottom of the paper generously with water (I imagine that doing a quick water wash would work just as well). Color top half with washable Crayola markers. Spray bottom half with water. Fold paper and press.

Making mosaics- this is fun but I like the look of torn paper better.

I haven't jumped on the paint chip bandwagon, but I like this one. The kids use cut-up paint chips to create their mosaic masterpieces.

The New Hope Art Gallery: Middle School Art: Tint and Shade Landscapes

The New Hope Art Gallery: Middle School Art: Tint and Shade Landscapes Atmospheric perspective.

Gorgeous art by Australian Loretta Grayson, aka Rett. Warm/cool

"Little Trees Growing" by Loretta Grayson. These originals are oils. Thinking grade could maybe do this as a paper mosaic and maybe zentangle tree trunk. Love these.

Looking Up, Fresh  Forest Art,  Contemporary Huge Original acrylic Painting 48x48. $399.00, via Etsy.

Fresh Forest - try with fingerprint painting, perspective. Maybe try with warm colors for fall leaves or spring flowers? Art Docent lesson on trees

DIY texture plate ideas.                     todd stahl :: 45 revolutions per minute.: studio in art - value worksheets

value scales.I like this for art journaling cuz i'm sure there's a life lesson within this art lesson