One of the most popular sources for garden/landscape design today are coming from Bali, Indonesia. Simply gorgeous use of native design patterns on pots and heavy use of tropical aquatic plants such as Lotus and Thalia.

"Rapid Set Cement garbage bag, interior pot, hole in center, medallians added later?" -- This is intriguing.

Leaf imprinted in a cement ball How beautiful…

I so appreciate the way these age; this is a cement ball with a Gunnera leaf imprint and a hand carved Hypertufa base. Cement can captur.

concrete bag plant holder by all things brighton beautiful |

Concrete Bag Plant Holder

cement towel pots - drape over pots to dry

cement towel pots - soak an old cloth in cement, drape over pots to dry, paint it, and you have very interesting flower/plant pots.

sculpture in garden - Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes

Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes

So doing this!

The largest size (powder-free) surgical gloves you can find A fast-setting cement (Quikrete© Vinyl Concrete Patch works well) Play sand or an empty pot for use in forming the hands A razor blade Small pieces of cardboard Rubber band(s)

Concrete leaves by mgrace

Gunnera leaf is cast concrete and hand painted by Little and Lewis Can also use Rhubarb leaves


Pour casting concrete into rubber gloves, being carefully to remove air bubbles from fingers. Mould into position working fast before concrete sets. When set, peel of rubber gloves revealing your concrete planter.

Skúšali ste už niekedy vytvoriť si nejakú dekoráciu alebo odtlačok z cementovej zmesi? Mohlo by sa zdať, že je to materiál len na stavebné práce, no opak je pravdou. Stačí si nájsť vhodnú inšpiráciu, vyhrnúť si rukávy a pustiť sa do...

22 "Urob si sám" nápadov na dekorácie z cementovej zmesi

Делаем садовые фигурки своими руками: три самых простых варианта

Ландшафтный дизайн

hypertufa hand with a handful of Sempervivum 'Little Bobo' Well, these are a funny little project - hypertufa hands made from (what else?) surgical gloves and your favorite hypertufa or soil cement mix. From Blue Fox Farm.

I also created some pockets to fill with succulents!

Looks like old clothes, shoes, heart and book covered in concrete to create a garden statute.