Molding Clamping Trick

Top Woodworking Tips To Get Started In The Craft

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A matched pair of plywood edge bits

17 Router Tips Flattening Wide Boards A huge, wide board makes a stunning tabletop. If it won‘t fit through your planer, flattening that board can be a lot of hard work. You could use a belt sander, but it’s much easier to use your router. To get started, you’ll need a large, flat surface, such as a big workbench or a hollow-core door. Lay the board on the bench and …

17 Router Tips

Ramp for pattern cutting from 17 Router Tips - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker

How to Make Perfect Cuts With Circular and Miter Saws

How to Make Perfect Cuts With Circular and Miter Saws. Don't become an emergency room statistic. Master these cuts and do them safely.


Portable Drum-Sander Jig Woodworking Plan from WOOD Magazine

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Hoe werkt de Kreg-jig?

Do-It-All Pocket Hole Jig - Woodworking Tools - American Woodworker

Nice way to conform pieces to non-flat walls (are there walls that are actually really flat?). "Simple Scribe - Woodworking"

Simple Scribe - Pretty sure I have pinned this in a DIY wooden version. Concept is rather simple.

every woodcraftman needs this

Shoulder Plane

DICTUM Shoulder Plane from category DICTUM planes with right of return, warranty at Dictum


If you want to get your own woodworking shop going, it doesn't have to be a giant building with the most recent and high tech toolage that is available.

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mitre jack or a miter shute jack

Тенденції цього тижня в категорії Вироби своїми руками

Great fastening method to use for other projects as well - Ultimate Lathe Stand - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Finished sanding table

How to Build a DIY Downdraft Table

Cool Woodworking Tips - DIY Downdraft Sanding Table Box - Easy Woodworking…

Rib Clamps by Christophe Mineau -- The luthier needs some special clamps, plenty of special clamps, of different kinds. Here is a batch of rib clamps for stringed instruments, used for clamping the plates on the sides when gluing. The clamping faces are padded with thick cork. Notice that when you are using hot hide glue, the open time is very short, and you need to be fast. To accelerate the process, I have designed this little PVC adapter you can see on the cordless drill, to tighten…

Rib Clamps - Homemade rib clamps constructed from wood and intended to facilitate the process of gluing stringed instruments.

Working with Melamine It’s dirt cheap, it’s practical, and best of all, there’s no sanding and finishing! By Dave Munkittrick Melamine is the professional cabinetmaker’s best friend. Build a cabinet with it and you have a complete, durable interior that requires no sanding (yes!) and no finishing (oh, yeah!). Pros often build whole kitchens out of melamine and then dress the boxes with plywood end panels and solid-wood fronts. The …

The Ultimate Guide to Woodworking with Melamine

Using Melamine - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Shop Tip - Adjustable Scissor-lift Assembly Jig Gives You An Extra Hand - by ChuckM @ ~ woodworking community

Shop Tip - Adjustable Scissor-lift Assembly Jig Gives You An Extra Hand