Камин -домик для кукол

Need to do something of this sort to provide a division in the living space.face the fireplace toward the kitchen or living room?

How to: 1/24th scale bed. I know it's smaller but should be easy to make it 1/12

How to make a half-scale bed using jewelry filigrees -- just like the real-life contemporary-yet-sort-of-Victorian beds in fancy home decor stores. (Den of Slack) - Dolls Miniatures Z

TUTORIAL - privacy screen                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

A note: saw where someone found photo online of louvered closet door panel - saved, adjusted size for printing - no painting! Just glued it onto cardstock trimmed same dimensions.

DIY Barbie Couch - wish I knew this when my daughter was young

My mom used to help us make our own Barbie furniture when my sis and I were younger. I love that it got us to be creative. Scrap fabric and facial tissue boxes made into Barbie Doll Furniture.