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"Magic 8" method for half-square triangles. Includes math and cutting instructions.

How to Make 8 Half-Square Triangles at Once: The Magic 8 Method

laugh yourself into Stitches*: The Magic 8 revisited.trimming trick and cutting chart! - Stitch and cut 8 half square triangles from two squares

half square triangles made easy   mind. blown.

Trouble with HST Quilts? This post will make half square triangles easy peasy! (Not so sure about the easy peasy, but another reference point.

How to make Half Square Triangles - fast, easy and accurately! - YouTube

A tutorial showing how to make lots of half square triangles fast and accurate. A Shortcut Sheet technique for making half square triangles.

Image from http://thesewingloftblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Half-Square-Triangles-4-time.jpg.

Learn different techniques for making half square triangles. Some will have you stitching up many at a time. The Sewing Loft Más

How to make loads of Half Square Triangle Units at a time.

north winds quilting: Half Square Triangle Units - how to make a large number of HST's quickly

Half Square Triangle Quilt Block Tutorial Method II - Makes 4 at one time!  Coral + Co. Pin for later

Half Square Triangle quilt block Tutorial Method II - Make 4 at a Time

Flying Geese Tutorial 04. Includes simple mathematical equations for figuring out block sizes & cutting fabric.

LOVE this method of cutting flying geese. Makes 4 units! Flying Geese Tutorial Includes simple mathematical equations for figuring out block sizes & cutting fabric.

Triangle Units & Folded Corners

Piece Like a Pro

Learn how to piece half square triangles in a free video tutorial with Leah Day. https://leahday.com/pages/how-to-make-half-square-triangles

Learn how to piece half square triangles in this beginner quilting tutorial by Leah Day. Watch a video to see how to make half square triangles step by step.

5-inch square quick reference for getting different combos:

Five Inch Square Reference Guide, A quick reference guide showing how to turn squares into multiple units. Instructions include how to make: Half Square Triangle Units, Combination Units, Hourglass Units

Really cool method of making half-square triangles!..

Molly Flanders: An Even Easier Arrow. I like this simple method. And after reading a bit HST means Half Square Triangles. Future reference anyway.

Half-Square Triangle Tutorial: 8 At A Time - great tutorial from Blossom Heart Quilts xxx

HST Tutorial: Eight At A Time

HST accuracy tips-by Alyce-there’s three methods of making half-square triangles that we’re going to be using over and over. So check them out, have a read, and familarise yourself with how they work.