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Photo by mahdiye97:  WAPillusion artisticselfie freetoedit  serious face town blackandwhite  doubleexplosure


this photo capture the girl beautifully, as well as the city through the strands of her hair plus shirt. this picture makes you assume that she is either a city girl or wants to go to the city Supernatural Style

В потоке солнечного света... https://flic.kr/p/s9Buyy | GhostLight | You can also find me at Trevillion Images, Arcangel Images and FotoFiction on Facebook

"The light doubles / and casts through the dark / a sparkling that heavens the earth." (Galway Kinnell) - By the Bog of Cats - Ghost Fancier Lighting

Photography by Mehran Djojan // portrait photography // surreal photos

Interview: 20-Year-Old Photographer Mehran Djojan's Dreamy Conceptual Portraits

Kabul-born, Berlin-based photographer Mehran Djojan captures beautiful conceptual portraits that explore the dreamlike realm of his imagination.

I like this photo because its really girly and silly. Its a good idea for a portrait.

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