celtic wedding goblets

This page is all about Celtic Wedding traditions and even some things to be aware of like did you know. its actually considered BAD LUCK to wear green to an Irish wedding? But I just Love these goblets

Iridescent wine glasses

These wine glasses are made from black glass with blue, violet and green hued leaves winding around the stem. The leaves are made from polymer clay, each leaf individually sculpted, and then colored with blue, green and violet mica

double horn goblet stand

Amazing Gift for B'day Wedding A Pair Of Georgian Wine Drinking Horn With Wooden Stand Handmade Work New

Cashs Celtic Heart Wedding Flutes, Pair

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Celtic Wedding Goblets; I think I may require these when and if I ever get married again

Celtic Wedding Goblets - what if you went the celtic route? Some goblits, you could still do red and gold with knots and greenery?