Packing Foam costumes by Suzanne Jongmans

Suzanne Jongmans takes her cue from the Dutch Masters, making costumes for her photos from contemporary packing foam… …thanks WolfEyebrows…


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“ 1503 – The Renaissance portraits recreated by photographer Christian TagliaviniThe 1503 project by photographer and artist Christian Tagliavini, based between Switzerland and Italy,.

Russian Artist Creates Intricate Baroque Wigs From Paper

“Baroque paper wigs” paper artist: Asya Kozina photographer: Anastasia Andreeva photographer's assistant: Dina Kharitonova makeup: Marina Sysolyatina, Svetlana Dedushkina These look amazing!

Christian Tagliavini, ‘La Moglie dell’Orefice’, 2017

Available for sale from CAMERA WORK, Christian Tagliavini, La Moglie dell’Orefice Archival Pigment Print

carmidoll:  Ekaterina Belinskaya photography

Peace, Softness, Ophelia by Avine “ model - Russian actress Olga Makeeva style - Alisa Gagarina&Aneta Sheripova make-up - Yana Efremova hair - Alexey Yaroslavtsev set designer - Lola.

Google translation of French text: 1550 Years In France Originally, the collar has a tangle free of gathered pleats. Over time, the folds become more important in volume and it is this development once starched unborn fluted cutter. The edges of the folds are sometimes embroidered. The English fashion in Europe is characterized by its embroidered collars (second line portrait below), a feature which can still be seen on the English portraits 1570s.

La fraise - Le costume historique

the ruff collar starts to develop from the shirt collar gathered at the neck forming pleats. It grew in volume & embellishments (such as lace at the fringe & embroidery). Styles varied slightly between France, the Netherlands and England.

The bodice and bottom petticoat of Grace Kelly’s iconic wedding gown

The bodice and bottom petticoat of Grace Kelly’s iconic wedding gown

Aphrodite by MichelleFennema

Aphrodite by MichelleFennema