Dylan O'Brien photographed for Entertainment Weekly (2015).

Britt Robertson and Dylan O'Brien rumored to be getting engaged. The couple started dating since 2012 and are going strong without any split or affair rumors.

who is dylan o'brien?

Dylan O’Brien during the “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” Press Conference.

that face :D :* love you, Dylan!

that face :D :* love you, Dylan!


Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf photographed during New York Comic Con on Saturday October 2016 at Fairfield Inn & Suites New York Midtown Manhattan.

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Heavy breathing oh Lordy

Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien

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19 Relationship Problems As Told By Stiles Stilinski

hey I'm stiles and I was killed on an Oil rig everyone thought that my disease was going to kill me but the rig was on fire and I just couldn't leave people up there I had to save them and that's what I did but I end up dying because of internal bleeding I was the one making sure they got to everyone first They had to save the others and well I died not to long after I pushed the 3rd Emt off me saying I was fine I had a wife I dont know what happened to her but I hope she is okay

Sawyer never paid attention during briefings

agentmitchrapp: ““ Dylan O'Brien for Los Angeles Times Photographed by Kirk McKoy ” ”

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i wanna thank not only god but jesus for making such a beautiful man to put on this earth for me to stare at

Teen Wolf Dylan O& tw cast twedit twcastedit dobedit teen .

Why is he so goddamn hot

Teen Wolf - Imagify I Preferencje


Dark eyes, dark hair, dirty white tee and jeans?

He was beautiful and vulnerable, powerful and mighty. He fought and he loved and he cried and he won. Nobody was brave enough to fight him or love him. He was feared when he wanted to be welcomed.

Dylan O´Brien photographed by John Russo

I feel like this might be photoshopped but... i don't care http://www.canalflirt.com/affair//?siteid=1713441

Deffs photoshopped but who even cares

teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image

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