Icelandic occult symbols. And Bjork's vegvisir tattoo!:

“Rune Charms For Warriors And For Peace” by Sunnyway "I've been asked numerous times by soldiers and family members for magical charms to .

El aegishjalmur es un simbolo de protección utilizado por los nordicos, se le llama "mascara del terror" también se le conoce como hechizo del terror o del temor. Este tipo de símbolos eran usados habitualmente por los guerreros vikingos como signo protector pintado en la frente antes de la batalla,Dibujado entre los ojos, se le otorgaba la capacidad de hacer invencible al portador y atemorizar a sus enemigos.

Vegvísir (Icelandic for 'sign post') is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather.

Viking Compass, keeps one from losing ones way in bad weather. My future tattoo.

Vegvisir ("the viking compass"). It is said that if this sign is carried, one will never lose one's way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known. It is encircled by protection runes. This would be a cool tattoo.

Galdrastafir (Icelandic magical staves) are symbols credited with magical effect preserved in various grimoires dating from the century and later

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Helm of Terror Artwork 2015 Cattle die and kinsmen die, thyself too soon must die, but one thing never, I ween, will die fair fame of one who has earned. translated by avaluk

Ok- vegvisir and the helm of awe stacked, ~3-4" long on my ribs. Finally, an idea that doesn't clash with my other ink!

The vegvisir, a Nordic/Icelandic compass rune, worn by travelers to keep them from getting lost. Aegishjalmur (Helm of awe); to induce fear and to protect against abuse of power.